December 22, 2004

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Special Extended Edition

Hobbits are short. Wizards are old. Orcs are ugly. Men suffer and don't live very long. Elves are the coolest. And the prettiest by a mile. Especially Liv Tyler. Not to mention my wife's favorite, Legolas.

This situation is just the opposite of this one. There is too much to write about. Where do you start?

Usually you would start at the beginning but this movie is not the beginning; it's the third part. Well, actually it's the end.

The additional footage, which totals 50 minutes, is integrated seamlessly. The scenes that were not in the theatrical release are obvious, but still, you don't notice until you're in the middle of them. The editing here is brilliant.

Bill Maher may have had a point when he said in reference to the version that won the 13 Oscars, that "no movie that lasts three and half hours should win the Oscar for best editing." However, there is just too much story here to tell. Experts on the books know that much is left out as it is. Jackson earned all his statues, not the least of which the one for editing.

The additional footage not only fleshes out the story more, but also the individual characters. You get to know Aragorn and Frodo and Sam and even Gollum a lot better for viewing this enhanced edition.

We've barely sampled the extras from the two additional disks. They may merit an entry all their own.

Posted by Wayne at December 22, 2004 09:31 PM
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