February 06, 2005

Henry's Film Corner

Some distance more than eight years ago, a friend and I had the occasion to see Henry Rollins at the SUB Ballroom on the campus of The University of New Mexico.

He spoke for four solid hours.

And I never got bored or distracted or restless. The freak held my attention like a vice for four hours. And all he did was tell road stories and bag on U2. And he started exactly on time. The show was great.

When we bought tickets we did not know what we were in for. For all we knew we were going to see the Henry Rollins Band, but it turned out to be spoken.

Even so I've never bought any of his spoken word CD's. I did read a book: Black Coffee Blues. Easily the worst reading experience of my life. That's the first time I ever wanted to burn a book right after I got done reading it, just to protect any other unsuspecting and innocent individual from being bombarded with his aggressive fantasies and horrible dreams.

I once saw an article he wrote with this very memorable quote:

"I read Henry Miller and I never wanted to sleep again."

At work I met a woman whose last name is Rollins. I heard someone else giving her a hard time about Henry and it turns out she is a huge fan and lusts for him hugely. I think it's possible that he's been laid less than 50 times in his life. The kind of base anger he works with smacks of sexual frustration.

Well, Henry Rollins has a show on IFC. I just watched the third episode. I feel a faint kinship with him now because his show is similar to this blog. As he proclaims, he doesn't know anything about film, he just likes a good movie. (Although I must document here that Henry has actually been in movies, so his perspective is a little different.)

True to form, the former Black Flagger spends at least as much time dissing movies he hates as he does contra-dissing movies he likes. It is a fun watch, because Rollins is actually at his most passionate, if not his best, when he is going off about something he hates. Tonight he railed on Cellular. That's so funny because I had heard that it was good. I wonder what he thinks of Phone Booth.

Henry Rollins is more anomally than enigma. Though for such a dark cat he is strangely a lot of fun. Some people, you love 'em or you hate 'em. With Henry, you love 'im and you hate 'im.

Henry's Film Corner? What kind of hoaky name is that?

Posted by Wayne at February 6, 2005 12:23 AM

I love this show! It is so good and real! It does not give a fuck what anybody else thinks of it... it rocks!

Posted by: dan at February 11, 2005 10:32 PM
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