February 07, 2005

The Limey

Terence Stamp was in a movie that we watched recently -- and that one had him playing an, uh, unusual part. I was glad to find this film on IFC and see Terence in a more serious role. He played this one very well (as he did the other one).

In fact this film plays very well. It's a nice, if not too terribly remarkable premise. Stamp plays Wilson, a British ex-con who comes to L.A. looking for whoever killed Jenny, his daughter. She supposedly died in a car accident, but Wilson ain't buyin' it.

Luis Guzman (he was in HBO's Oz, until he got whacked) has an interesting role as Ed, a guy who knew Jenny and lets Wilson know a little bit about what went on in her life. And of course we cannot omit due mention of Mr. Peter Fonda. He plays the sort of bad guy who was Jenny's filthy rich and much older boyfriend. The former Capt. America plays a really charming shithead. Have you ever noticed the forehead on that boy?

The Limey has a very novel aspect. Back in 1967, Terence Stamp starred in a British film called Poor Cow. Steven Soderbergh, the director of Limey, uses footage from Poor Cow as flashbacks to a time when Wilson was young and when Jenny was a little girl. This ultimately is used well to enhance the plot.

The Limey is memorable because of Stamp's performance and the flashbacks to the 60's film. And Soderbergh's subtle directorial skill make the film quite compelling. This story could have easily become a fourth-rate Pulp Fiction knockoff.

Check the IFC schedule and if The Limey comes up you might want to check it out.

Posted by Wayne at February 7, 2005 09:22 PM
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