April 24, 2006

Hail in My Wife's Hand

These are different hailstones than those in the previous paragraph.

My lovely and panicky wife called me while I was picking up soy milk at the The Mercantile (our co-opish grocery store -- all organic, macrobiotic and the like). She informed that hail was coming down -- golfball size! I heard the ice rocks hitting the roof over at the Merc, but was quite skeptical about her reports of hail size. I carried my paper-not-plastic bag over to the front window and all I could see were many pea-size and some marble-size hail. All mixed with a very liberal amount of rain. Lucy exhorted me to stay there until the storm subsided, and since I was wearing sandals, and the water was laking in front of the store, I agreed. I was still skeptical about the size of the hail, but when I went out under the awning next to the Merc, I could see and hear the hail stones hitting the water like rocks thrown into a fishpond. They plunked and splashed -- like a golfball would. However, as evidenced by the photographs, they were some bigger than a golfball. Lucy came up with a new designation I had not before heard associated with hail: plum-size.
Posted by Wayne at April 24, 2006 08:46 PM
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