October 30, 2007

Worlds of Fun

Halloween time is a good time to take your first trip to Worlds of Fun. Prosoco, Inc., my wife's employer, had their biannual company picnic at the amusement park last Saturday. This is your typical mid size midwestern city park of exhilarating rides and various ways to blow your money.

Lucy will not get on any of the rides. That's fine. If she doesn't want to, that's her business. And I'm not a big huge fan of roller coasters or tilt-a-whirls myself, but if we're going to drive 49 miles to Worlds of Fun, I think we might as well take advantage of what the company is paying for. But I don't want to leave Lucy on the ground, and riding a roller coaster by oneself for some reason is unsatisfying.

Like I said, I think the activity is fun. Mike, however, lives for this shit.

Mike is a coworker of Lucy and is a big fan of roller coasters. I've noticed with these types of folks (I've run into them before), that they don't get into carnival rides in general. They are usually just into roller coasters. Grissom on CSI is into roller coasters. The other rides are just something else to do before they take their next coaster ride. And these people drive clear across the country, just to ride roller coasters.

Naturally, I asked Mike about the best roller coaster he's been on. He proceeded to tell me about the Millennium Force in Sandusky, OH ("It's a mile long"), and another in St Louis and another at Six Flags Over Texas.

So, I had found my riding partner. We first did the Boomerang, which in truth is a fairly simplistic little gravity based spin around, but the line wasn't too long. Then we did the Mamba. I love that name -- a serpent. I like too how all the big rollers have a distinctive name. The Mamba was pretty hot. I followed Mike to the back of the train. He said that's the place "because you get a little air," meaning that as you descend, your butt lifts out of the seat a few inches. This is indeed a sexy sensation. You think your buns are just going to keep on lifting, and they would, but of course you're contained by the bar they park over your seat.

When we were slowly ascending, I saw in the distance red and blue railings and Mike said, "That's The Patriot." So that was our next appointed stop. The Patriot isn't a roller coaster in the classic sense, but it's pretty darn cool nonetheless. The way it works, the seats are hung from a pipe so your legs dangle. And when they send you through the ride at high speed your seat spins such that you find yourself flailing about such that you are actually upside down at various moments. Quite an adrenaline-pumper.

Worlds of Fun is quite a nice park all the way around. Lots of trees and a few streams of water so that it's not all concrete and plastic the way most amusement parks are. The place was all decked out for Halloween and had various goonies and goblins and vampires running around in costume. I'll be putting up photos on flickr in the coming days.

Posted by Wayne at October 30, 2007 01:55 AM
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