May 31, 2006

Class of '31

That car is a 1931 too. This was the 75th class reunion for these Yates Center (KS) High School graduates. The fact that there are 5 left is fairly impressive. They are all around 93 years old. That's my Aunt Annie there in the near window in the back.
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Don't Stretch the Truth...

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May 29, 2006

Do Unto Others...

The south entrance to the courthouse in Yates Center, KS (my hometown).
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Sandy Bottom

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May 25, 2006

Found Ornament

We found this bauble hanging on this telephone pole. And we left it there.
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Canoes on the Kaw

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Shadow on a Tree

My wife's shadown to be precise.
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Our Lawn

We're psyched about our new grass. This looks so much better than it did in April. We used to have patches of bare dirt.
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May 24, 2006

Ya nevah know...

...what yer gonna see on a porch in Lawrence.
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Bridge Over the River Kaw (again)

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View Down the Kaw

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May 23, 2006

Jager Bottle

Does this photo seem....odd somehow?
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Geese and Flag

These are not the same geese pictured several days ago. At least if they are, they are not in the same place. This is near the VFW Hall which is also near the Kaw River.
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May 22, 2006

Sidewalk Art

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Robin on a Stick

In our neighbor's front yard.
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Pink Peony

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This is a detail crop from the next photo. Do you know what this is?
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May 21, 2006

Cops! 2

They got the cuffs on him and took him away. Today I looked at the police blotter in the newspaper and the only thing I could find referenced somebody getting arrested for throwing water balloons. Now I don't know if that was this situation, but if it was, one wouldn't think water balloons would merit the pulling of guns.
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We inadvertently witnessed an arrest Saturday night when we went for a walk. We had just seen the kid come over a fence.
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I am not Infantile...

You StinkyButt PoopHead.
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Backlit Leaf

From the woods adjacent to Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS -- site of the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival!
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May 20, 2006

Hawk & Sky

The same bird, in a larger context.
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I'm not sure what kind of hawk or vulture this is, but he might have the biggest wingspan I've seen in my home state. Again, seen at Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS.
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Snakeskin 3

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Snakeskin crop

I like to take details out of photos and make them standalone pics. Check the last picture.
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Snakeskin 2

Snakeskin. A sign of renewal, of shedding the old.
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Snakeskin 1

We discovered these remnants on our hike at Clinton Lake last weekend.
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May 18, 2006

Sanders Mound

This fellow was sitting all by himself on this hill that overlooks Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS. This image reminds me vaguely of Edward Hopper paintings. Except his works were usually dark.
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May 17, 2006

Even More Geese

Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS. This almost the whole flock we saw. They were just hanging out in one of the camping areas. They weren't particularly scared of us but we couldn't exactly just walk up to them.
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More Geese

Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS.
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Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS.
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Clinton Lake near Lawrence, KS.
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Jagermeister Van

Seen near Lawrence, KS.
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May 16, 2006

Bridge over the Kaw

We walk down to Burcham Park (Lawrence, KS) often, and this is the second time I've seen such a nice reflection. The first time I didn't have the camera. Tell me what you can find in the details.
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May 15, 2006

bugs' cousin

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Taken by my wife Lucy.
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Dandelion Fluff

It looks surreal, in the right context and quantity.
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He just sat there and posed for me.
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May 14, 2006

Broadway Cafe - KC

Sorry about the flash reflection. This place served one of the best mochas I've had in some time. And it had that very pattern in the foam.
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Out There

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Lady Luck

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Church towers

The context seems a bit -- paradoxical.
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May 13, 2006

Jerusalem Cafe

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Westport Mural

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Detail from the previous pic

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Westport - KC

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EMT Blur

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May 12, 2006

EMT Drummer

This fellow, Jeff Cohen, didn't show up in the last photo, so this is give him equal time. Actually I'm not convinced he's a drummer, even though he plays well. I think he's a standup comic. Or maybe a sit-down-behind-the-drums comedian.
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EMT, less motion

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The Hurricane

Kansas City, MO. Near Westport & Broadway. Location of EMT's gig Wednesday night.
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May 11, 2006

EMT in Motion

The Eric McFadden trio returned to the KC area Wednesday night for a gig at The Hurricane in Westport. More pics of the band and the Westport area to follow in the coming days. Westport is a really groovy little neighborhood of cafes and bars.This was our first visit since moving to the area. However last night was about Eric and our old friend James Whiton the bassplayer. Jeff Cohen handles drums for the band.
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Pinckney Neighborhood

If you look at the larger size, you should be able to read that plaque.
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Wheelbarrow on the Roof

We've had some wind storms lately, and I think it's up there to help with cutting trees.
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May 10, 2006

Another Squirrel

My yard rarely has less than two scurrying around. This guy I caught up a tree.
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May 09, 2006

Dog Sign

This guy apparently doesn't care for dogs visiting his yard. At least not when they leave a reminder.
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May 08, 2006

Pink 3's

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May 07, 2006


Look closely. Her eyes are watching you.
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Poinsetta Waterdrop Crop

Another tiny fragment from that several-posts-ago waterdrop picture.
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Neon Fragment

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May 05, 2006


I went back into the shots from Virginia. This is a fragment of a dogwood I found. Those dogwood trees were blooming everywhere. We were there for Easter Sunday.
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May 04, 2006

Another Detail

I love those waterdrops. They're like balls of crystal.
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Poinsetta Close Up

A detail from the previous photo.
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May 03, 2006


The same poinsetta, different leaf, more water drops. I think this would make a nice Christmas card.
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Poinsetta After a Rain

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May 02, 2006

Lucy reading

My wife Lucy is on the phone reading that plaque to her sister in Virginia. And it was raining at thet time.
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May 01, 2006


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