June 29, 2006

Insightful Fortune

My wife says this fortune is accurate.
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June 28, 2006

Royals vs Brewers

Apparently Michael was there, because the Royals won 6-0.
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Royals vs Brewers 6.25.06

I like the view from the $7 seats at Kauffman Stadium. I like to see the whole field.
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June 26, 2006

Red Caps

Kauffman Stadium was a little weird yesterday because of a promotion as part of the Negro Leagues salute. They gave away KC Monarchs baseball caps to the first 20,000 patrons (only 15K showed up so everybody got one). The Monarchs caps are red, but the Royals wear blue. So everybody had on blue shirts and these flashy red caps. Surreal. Also when the Royals batted they wore their blue helmets with the red-trimmed unis. Given the final score, maybe they should wear that getup every game.
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Royals vs Brewers

We took in the Royals game yesterday in Kansas City. My team actually won for a change, shutting out the Milwaukee Brewers 6-0. Sunday the Royals honored the Negro Baseball Leagues and they wore uniforms of the old Kansas City Monarchs; a uniform that was worn by Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige, and Ernie Banks, I learned. Milwaukee wore the uniforms of Milwaukee's NBL team. I forgot the mascot.
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June 19, 2006


So that's all my photos from the 2006 Wakarusa Festival. We had a great time at the fest and will be back next year.
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Jesus Christ Superstar @ Wakarusa

One of our favorite performances from the Wakarusa Festival was the Sunday morning rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar. A group of 15 local Lawrence musicians put this together and the show was great. Very tight and well done. We hope they do it again soon cuz we will be there.
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Snake Bike @ Wakarusa

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June 18, 2006

The Beach @ Wakarusa

A popular place on a hot Saturday afternoon.
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The Hill @ Wakarusa

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Crazy Lane

I have no idea about the Sydney Opera House reference. We are as far from there as you can get.
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Luv Lyt @ Wakarusa

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June 17, 2006

Fw: Mofro @ Wakarusa

Taken Friday afternoon on our way into the Backyard Tire Fire set. Like I said in another description, my band pics from Wakarusa aren't great. I'm not one to crowd the stage, and I don't like to be bothered with taking photos when I'm getting into the music. My pics of the festival environment are much better -- IMHO and FWIW.
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Wakarusa Women

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Intensity in Tent City 2

This is just one of several similar camping areas.
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Intensity in Tent City

That mosaic of tents is a fascinating visual -- at least to me. If you look at the larger size you can see interesting details.
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No Waka Shuttle

This is one of the shuttle busses that cruised up and down the main road at the Wakarusa Festival. They are nice -- when they show up. The shuttles were supposed to run from noon to 5am. However the night of the Moonshine Still set (they were to take the stage at 2:15am I believe) they abandoned me. We had come back to the tent to rest for a while after seeing New Monsoon, and the darn shuttle never showed up to take me back to the Campground Stage. I was too burnt to walk it. That bummed me out because Moonshine was one of my main attractions to the Waka Fest.

However, for the most part, the busses were a big help, as well as being hilarious. If you can imagine 30 hippies packed onto a school bus -- you can get the picture.
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Fire @ Wakarusa

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Steelyer Face

Notice the immaculate embroidery.
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Tent @ Wakarusa

I liked the sheet these folks used for a sun shade.
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Crackanoon Bus @ Wakarusa

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June 16, 2006

Bikini Babe 6 @ Wakarusa

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Our Campsite @ Wakarusa

This from the other direction. We were near the "family camping" area, and as you can see we weren't too awfully packed in.
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Wakarusa Entrance

This is where you show your shiny little wristband to gain entry to the main stages. These guys were fixing the christmas lights on the gate.
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Salute to the Tapers

You see a similar array of mics at every Wakarusa venue. Thanks to these guys we get to reexperience the music.
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Sunset @ Wakarusa

This is the view of the sunset from our Wakarusa campsite. Taken Friday night (6/9/06).
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June 15, 2006

Bikini Babe 6 @ Wakarusa

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Autographed Guitar @ Wakarusa

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Wildman @ Wakarusa

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Clown @ Wakarusa

There had originally been scheduled a Mardi Gras parade for Saturday night at Wakarusa, but it got cancelled. I would assume perhaps these two and the guy in the next photo didn't get the word.
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Blonde @ Wakarusa

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Bikini Babe 5 @ Wakarusa

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Fw: Drummers & Johnnies

These fellas were camped near us. Our neighborhood was quite interesting and not overly crowded.
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Buckethead Crowd

The sun was setting as Buckethead finished his set at Wakarusa.
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This was the best shot I could get of Buckethead. We got to his set late and were stuck towards the back. The freak can play a guitar.
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June 14, 2006

Bikini Babe 4 @ Wakarusa

This shot was a little sneaky. But I like it.
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Fw: Art @ Wakarusa

These artworks -- done by whom, I don't know -- were set up between the Sun Up and Sun Down stages. I thought they were pretty darn cool.
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Beachhead Blvd @ Wakarusa

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Rainbow over Wakarusa

This arching natural artwork graced Wakarusa Saturday evening. We didn't get all the rain that was predicted but we did get the rainbow. It was all those great Wakarusa vibes.
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Bikini Babe 3 @ Wakarusa

She was taking a nap.
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Hammocks @ Wakarusa

I love all the hammocks in this picture. These folks are camped near the swimming beach at Clinton Lake.
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Tweedledee.... @ Wakarusa

Note the fairy.
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Wharf Rats @ Wakarusa

These campers seemed pretty happy. They were in the upgraded area, and had much space to themselves.
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June 13, 2006

Octopus @ the beach @ Wakarusa

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The Hill

To get to the main stages from the general camping and vending area, you had to go down and then up this hill.
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She is actually a coworker of my wife Lucy. We were very fortunate to run into her and her hubbie at the Wakarusa festival; and no, I won't tell you where my wife works.
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Jake Shimabakuro @ Wakarusa

This guy can play a ukelele like Hendrix played the guitar. He was in the Voodoo tent Friday afternoon.
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The Mud Guys

There are many ways to pass time and draw attention to yourself at the Wakarusa Music Festival.
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Backyard Tire Fire

Friday afternoon on the Wakarusa Sun Up Stage.
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The Density of Tent City

Wakarusa tents
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June 12, 2006

Bikini Babe 2 @ Wakarusa

Like I said with an earlier photo, my band pics from the 2006 Wakarusa Festival weren't that good. I had much better luck with this subgenre of photojournalism.
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Shakedown Street @ Wakarusa

These tents had all manner of burned out looking old hippies selling hemp weavings, hippie girl skirts, and glass pipes.
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Tea Leaf Green @ Wakarusa

I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture of Tea Leaf. They were one of my main interests in attending Wakarusa. Their set was much better than my photo.
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Wakarusa Tent City

This photo will give you a rough idea of the Wakarusa density of tents. This was only one of several camping areas absolutely covered with cloth and tarpaulin shelters.
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Our Wakarusa Campsite

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Samantha Stollenwerck

We caught Samantha at the Wakarusa Campground Stage Friday afternoon. This was after seeing the Disco Biscuits the night before. My day band pictures aren't too bad, but there ain't enough light at night. My digicam shoots a web presentable video, which includes sound. I mainly took vids in the evening.
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The Raft People

There's a swimming beach at Clinton Lake (site of the Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival), and given the 97 degree heat it was a very popular place. These happy folks took along a floating implement.
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Wakarusa Bikini Babe

Great musical acts are only one aspect of attraction to the Wakarusa Festival. This young woman was camped right by our site.
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Waka Wristband

If you purchase a 4-day pass for Wakarusa, they put one of these on your wrist when you come in. It is your ticket to all the shows. You must take care of it, but it is very sturdy and resilient, easily surviving swimming and showers etc. I hated cutting mine off early this morning.
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Welcome to Wakarusa

I wasn't able to upload from the festival -- oh I could have -- if I'd wanted to pay 50 cents a minute for net access. I decided I could wait until today. I've got many photos, this being the first one I took. I won't post them all but I got some fairly interesting shots, mostly of festival goers rather than the bands.
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June 07, 2006

KC T-Bones vs. Edmonton

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June 06, 2006

Kansas City T-Bones

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We saw this in the eastern sky at a baseball game tonight.
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June 05, 2006

Hay Bales

Neosho Falls, KS
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Elderly Farm Truck

Seen at Neosho Fall, KS.
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June 04, 2006

Ancient Oil Well

Here's the same oil well, in a little better focus.
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Ancient Oil Well

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Saturn Vue Antenna

Guess what those fuzzy shapes are in the background.
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Tiger Lilly

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Here's another pic of Kendra. There were other kids around but they didn't make it into this scene.
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Our Tickets

My wife and I are attending our first Wakarusa Festival this year. We decided a pic of our tickets would be a good start to the photo group.

(Please note we covered the bar codes, in case you want post a pic of your tix. I don't know if it's necessary but it doesn't hurt.)

If you've got a digicam at the fest, please join in and post your photos. There's supposed to be a hotspot out there so I hope to post pics directly from Wakarusa.
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June 03, 2006

Snake in a Tree

This guy climbed the tree in my Mom's backyard and I got his nose. Lucy has a couple of shots of him climbing the tree. Human eyes reflect red. I wonder why snake eyes glow blue in the flash.
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Cotton Candy Kendra

My grandniece Kendra is attacking some cotton candy at Yates Center (KS) Days.
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June 01, 2006

Da Klicks be Representin'

Last weekend (Memorial Day) my Mother's children and grandchildren, and yes, really really GREAT grandchildren, gathered in Yates Center, KS for a time of fellowship and stories of life from the year previous. We've started doing this every Mem Day, which is also known locally as Yates Center Days. There's a parade and vendors and a pie-eating contest and the bank buys everybody barbecue and class reunions are understood to be held on this weekend.

Next year I'm due for my thirtieth.

Holy Shit.

Anyway, it's a good time. This was taken at the Saturday morning pancake feed, held at the Masonic Lodge (or is Hall?). My family name is Klick, but thanks to an overly represented Y chromosome in my ancestry, my wife and I are the only ones who actually carry the name. Btw, that's my wife Lucy in the right foreground, and my sister Barbara on the left. My Mom is drinking coffee. The guy in the red t-shirt and cap two seats south of her is the only one here who is NOT from the family.
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