August 31, 2006

William B. Strang, Jr.

The Founder of Overland Park. At least according to his statue.
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August 30, 2006


The food was pretty good at this place, but that logo bothers me. I don't agree with reversing the first letter of your name just so your logo will look symmetrical. But, the fajitas were tasty, the waitress was hot, the bartender was friendly, and the decor was sharp. If my wife gets her way, we will go back the next time we're in Overland Park.
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Found in downtown Lawrence, KS.
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Mannequin Lips

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August 27, 2006

One Eye Open

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We like the food better at our newly chosen favorite Chinese restaurant. However, the fortunes in the cookies are more ambiguous.
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The flash really highlights how they simply adjusted last year's sign.
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Birdies on the back fence

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August 24, 2006

Discover Kansas

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KC Skyline

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August 23, 2006


I thought this a strangely symmetrical juxtaposition. Just a random shot from the car.
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I'm not wearing any underwear

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August 21, 2006

One More of the K

One more picture of and from Saturday's trip to Kauffman Stadium for the Royals' game. The team is getting better (we think -- we hope) but it seems the stadium is yet more photogenic.
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August 20, 2006

George Brett Bobblehead

This was the prize for attending the game Saturday at the K. The problem is, I don't think this thing looks like George.
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Crowd at the K

I like to take pictures like this and then look at it full size. Zooming in on individuals sometimes you can see little dramas or comedies going on. This pic didn't yield much though.
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The K

Or Kauffman Stadium. Our seats gave us a pretty good view of the local ballpark. Normally we buy the cheap seat tickets ($7) which are on the wings over toward the foul poles on the upper level. But, when we got there they were sold out. So, we had to go for the $12 tickets which are pretty good -- right behind the plate on the upper deck. I think I like the view a bit better from the cheaper seats however. We do like sitting on the upper level so that we can see the whole field. Those ground level seats right behind the plate are overrated, in my opinion. Once the ball leaves the bat you can't see what's going on, and you can't tell a popup from a homerun ball until it comes down.
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Mark Teahen

A bright spot for the Royals this year. He's really turning into a big league player -- delivering clutch hits like a certain other left-handed hitting third baseman who used to play for KC.
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Welcome to Kauffman Stadium

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A's vs. KC

We took in the game tonight. The Royals didn't win.
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August 16, 2006

Monty Python's Holy Ale

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Black Sheep Ale

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August 12, 2006

Ah, Dorothy...

Dorothy. Here someone has used her character to mark a section of the parking let near a shopping center. She is perhaps the most reviled literary character in history -- to native Kansans like myself. Especially someone like myself who has gone to other parts of the country. Sooner or later you are going to hear the Dorothy joke if you are from Kansas. The Wizard of Oz was actually a pretty good movie for its time. Lucy and I got to see it in the theater a few years ago in Albuquerque. What I remember from that was the fact that the theater was FULL of little kids and I was dreading trying to watch it...yet once the movie started you didn't hear a peep from them. They were mesmerized I guess. The story is great. Before the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out it was Lucy's favorite movie. Even I used to watch it once a year as a kid. One of the networks showed it once annually and we always watched it. I didn't grow weary of the Dorothy references until I grew older and started to travel. Actually, how could you revile her? She was so pretty with those twin ponytails and enchanting smile. I'm realizing that it isn't Dorothy we hate; it's all those "Where's Dorothy?" jokes.
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August 10, 2006


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August 09, 2006


I think these guys play for a band called 90 Minutes. They were preparing to take the main stage at Legends last weekend.
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Burcham Park Mural

Last weekend there was a little rock fest down at Burcham Park. They called it the Bleeding Kansas Festival. Apparently part of the action was the painting of this mural. I don't remember seeing it before.
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August 08, 2006

No Riders

Another sight from Legends.
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This band are not legends, except maybe in their own minds. But we saw them at the Legends commerce center. I don't even know the name of the band. But they did sound pretty good on their 70's covers.
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August 07, 2006


Actually I'm sure those are fake bones. This is part of some restaurant/entertainment place at the Legends in Kansas City, KS.
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August 06, 2006

chrome dude ii

here's the same sculpture as the last pic, only head on.
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chrome dude with tire

We saw this at the Legends shopping center yesterday. The piece is somehow, to me, reminiscent of some old advertisement for tires or gasoline. Any ideas?
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