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[regarding the 3rd Presidential debate]

Talk show host Neal Boortz tells us how he would have answered that debate question on what he’d say to a worker who lost his or her job to a worker overseas...

* * * QUOTE * * *

"First of all, Bob, I would tell them that it is not their job. The job belongs to the employer, not the employee. You have the job skills. The employer has the jobs. If the employer can make a profit by purchasing your job skills to perform his job then you get a paycheck. If your job skills cost the employer too much, or if your job skills don't meet the employer's needs, then you don't get a paycheck. If you fail to develop your job skills, you run the risk of not having a paycheck. If your job skills don't match the employer's needs, you don't get a paycheck. If you charge too much for your job skills, you won't get hired.

“You have no right to a job. You do have a right to be left alone by government and your fellow citizens to develop your own God-given talents in such a way that employers will seek you out. You also have a right to ignore educational opportunities and to develop a slovenly work ethic so that employers will shun you. You make your choices, and you live with the consequences of your decisions. I would tell that person that any American with desirable job skills and a good worth ethic, properly priced, would have to hide under his bed to avoid getting a good job.

“If you believe in the year 2004 that you can build a sound career as a textile plant worker in South Carolina then you are living a lie, and that delusion will soon catch up to you. You need to understand that you are a free and sovereign individual. You don't belong to the government, and it's not the government's responsibility to provide you with a job. It's the government's job to clear the way for you to exercise your free choices, develop your skills, hone your work ethic, and contract with an employer eager to hire someone like you. Past that, you're on your own, and that's life in a free society."

* * * UNQUOTE * * *

Hoo-hah! Gotta love that entire answer...but I’d have been thrilled if President Bush had simply responded with just the first two sentences. Now try this Boortz answer to the question about the minimum wage…

* * * QUOTE * * *

“Look, Bob. Wages are something to be negotiated between the employer and the employee. It is not the job of government to set wages for private sector employees. Our Constitution specifically states that the government is not to alter the terms of a contract between individuals. The matter of wages paid for services rendered is something to be resolved in negotiations between the employer and employee and then expressed in the terms of a contract between the parties. The government has no role here.

And while I'm addressing this, let's talk about the people who are actually earning the minimum wage. Most of these people are teenagers working in entry-level jobs. They're developing job skills and will only spend a minimum amount of time at the minimum wage.

“But what about that small number of people who are trying to raise a family on minimum wage? My opponent won't say this. It's harsh, but it's the truth. If you have done such a pathetic job of developing job skills and a work ethic that you cannot earn more than the minimum wage, then you have no business having children. We have far too many people in this country who have children that they know full well they cannot afford to raise. The answer to this problem is not to force employers to pay them more than they are worth. The answer is to educate people as to the cost of properly raising a child, and to encourage them to make sure they can pay the bills before they make the decision to have a baby."

* * * UNQUOTE * * *

Good golly, Miss Molly! Damn shame there are no credible candidates running for president who talk that way, huh?

From Chuck Muth's News & Views

Former Sen. Mark Hatfield of Oregon is a ertifiable "dove" when it comes to war. He refused to support the war in Vietnam and teamed up with Sen. George McGovern in efforts to stop it back in the 60s. He was the only senator who voted against both the Democrat and Republican versions of the 1991 Gulf War resolution. He opposed President Clinton's foray into Bosnia and proudly boasts that, "During my 30 years in the Senate, I never once voted in favor of a military appropriations bill."

Nevertheless, Hatfield is voting for Bush and supports his actions in Iraq.

"My support is based on the fact that our world changed on September 11, 2001, a day on which we lost more American lives than we did in the attack on Pearl Harbor," Hatfield wrote in the Oregonian last week. "I know from my service in the Senate that Saddam Hussein was an active supporter of terrorism. He used weapons of mass destruction on innocent people and left no doubt that he would do so again. It was crucial to the cause of world peace that he be removed from power."

- from Chuck Muth's DC Confidential

Sumner Redstone is the Chairman of Viacom. Viacom owns CBS. CBS employs Dan Rather. Sumner Redstone is a self-proclaimed "liberal Democrat." Sumner Redstone backed Al Gore in 2000. Sumner Redstone was co-chairman of Democrat Edmund Muskie's 1972 presidential campaign. Sumner Redstone is close friends with Teddy Kennedy. Sumner Redstone has given $50,000 to the Democrat Party since 1998.

Sumner Redstone said in Hong Kong yesterday that he was voting for President Bush on November 2.

'Nuff said.

-Chuck Muth's DC Confidential

The New York Times > Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says

That's got to rank as the all-time funniest headline I've ever seen.

Delta Airlines and US Airways are on the "death watch" list. Bankruptcy for both appear to be just around the corner. Seems they just can't compete with their low-cost competitors, such as Southwest Airlines. Why not? One of the prime problems is "high labor expenses from union contracts."

Here's the drill. The unions go on strike demanding higher pay and juicier benefits...they get their wage and benefit demands...which in turn drives the business out of business...leaving the workers with NO job at all.

Aren't unions wonderful?

- Chuck Muth

CBS '60 Minutes' Documents on Bush May Be Forged
The typographical reasoning that they are forged is quite sound. The democrats would try to do something stupid like this. They are desparate.

Bill Clinton went in for major artery repair at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, with doctors saying four of his heart pipelines were so gummed up with plaque he was headed for a chest-clutching exit from this world. From his hospital bed Clinton continued to counsel presidential contender John Kerry, advising him to regard his diminishing chances of victory as just one more clogged artery that can be cured with a simple needle full of adrenaline plunged directly into the coronary cavity, like that scene in "Pulp Fiction."

..On the day the Republicans arrived in New York, the Yankees lost 22-0 to the Cleveland Indians, their worst loss in history and the worst shutout loss in the major leagues since 1900. Coincidence? We think not.

..A team of Canadian and American scientists identified a Tyrannosaurus Rex turd as the largest in history. The 75-million-year-old fossilized crap was discovered in Alberta, near the town of Onefour, and it measures 64 centimeters long, 17 centimeters wide, and weighs six liters. If you want to see it, visit the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, where they really have their stuff together.

--Joe Bob Briggs Week in Review

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