"All calculations based on our experiences elsewhere fail in New Mexico.'' -NM Territorial Gov. Lew Wallace (also author of Ben Hur)

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For Film Buffs

Especially for documentary buffs. I rented a movie called Startup.com. Last night I began to watch but it was putting me to sleep so I stopped it. Then this afternoon when I so fortunately got off early I watched the rest of it, and fully awake, I was quite interested. So after Lucy got home I cued it back up and we watched start to finish. Real life baby. And no narration. Two guys start an internet company, govworks.com, with a really viable business model. The story is told by them through their personal communication from excited, hopeful start to crushing finish. It was done by Artisan Entertainment (remember them? does blair witch project ring a bell?). And in their tradition startup.com could pass as a mockumentary. But you can look up the stuff on govworks. They were for real. [this is too funny. i'm searching for a website for the movie startup.com. there is none that i can find. a movie about the internet with no website.]

We've been on a movie binge lately. In addition to Spiderman, in the last week we've seen Swordfish [not bad, but I'll always have a hard time with those over-the-top action flicks. they always have to patch the story together with duct tape. and as usual the internet stuff is so uninformed that i can't truly get into it.], The Mothman Prophecies [good. quite good in fact. it deserved more success. a very dark and thought-provoking story of the supernatural that is supposedly based in fact. nicely shot and well acted by Richard Gere and group.], and the other night I watched Leaving Las Vegas [as i suspected it was very depressing so i didn't ask Lucy to sit through it. another hideously awesome art film. beauty in the despair of the darkest moment.] inspired by our recent trip, but Vegas wasn't a big part of the story.

And we've discovered that another arthouse flick, Piñero, is at some weird new theater in town. I see from their website that they have houses in Cleveland, Denver, Cary NC, and Albuquerque. A rather far-flung confederacy.

We finally saw Spiderman last night. Fun flick. Great villain. Everyman superhero. I like Spiderman because he has vulnerabilities. He could be shot, or break his leg, so he has to rely quite a bit on finesse, not omnipotence, like some costumed freaks.

We went back to the new downtown theater. If that theater had been open when I lived at 500 2nd St, I would've worn the place out. All the features had start times after 10pm. That would've been my bailiwick.

Favorite Band Name of the Month

Another morsel from the Bay Area: We saw flyers promoting a gig by a Police tribute band. The name of the band: Stung

A remarkably objective view from Native American Sherman Alexie. I think it's very Timeish that in his credits they don't mention his movie "Smoke Signals." (very good, see it if you get the chance)

Me on the coast of California, near Pescadero

Still decompressing from our trip. Several basic points taken from this journey:

* There is far more camping available in California than one could ever get to, unless one dedicated him/herself for several years.

* Las Vegas is surreal -- a dream manifestation of America's darkest impulses.

* Major league baseball is still worth going to see -- at least in San Francisco.

* There is still a wealth of natural beauty in this country.

Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park, California

* There are still a bunch of freaks in San Francisco.

* There are still a bunch of geeks in San Francisco, and they are still living on borrowed time and borrowed money.

* I have grown tired of New Mexico.

Lombard Street, that funny crooked steep downhill in San Francisco that you see in all the movies.

* I want to think that I want to live in San Francisco. But really, I know I just want to take an extended visit there.

* You see, I need time to really explore a place. Walking down the Lombard hill and going out to eat a couple of times just doesn't cut it.

* I have explored enough of Las Vegas. If you've been in one of those hotels, you've been in all of them -- just change the theme.

The Luxor Cathedral, Las Vegas, Nevada

* However, I would like to see what kind of underground art scene exists in Las Vegas. A seemy fake environment like that could produce amazing artists.

* Arizona was smoky, but not as smoky as the southern tip of Nevada.

* Albuquerque doesn't change much.

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